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Monday, June 25, 2012


As I review my life, it is clear for me to see that I have been greatly blessed by many wonderful people who have encouraged and supported me throughout my life as I have endeavored to accomplish my goals- whether personal or professional. When I have been discouraged, frustrated, even lost or ready to give up, there has always been someone to come into my life who would lend a listening ear or share some great wisdom which would, eventually, help me get back on track. I believe these people to be a great gift to me and indeed very precious. I have wondered how I could ever give back to them as much as they have given me and I have wondered if it was even possible.

There's a commercial on TV, and I can't remember what it's advertising, that shows one person doing something kind for someone as another observes the good deed. Then the commercial continues with the observer doing something kind for someone else as another person observes that good deed. And it continues with each observer becoming the giver or doer of some other kindness. While I watched this commercial it reminded me of the idea of 'paying it forward'. Thoughts of what I could do to pay forward the acts of kindness which have been shown me started to flow.

I thought of my talents and abilities and the priorities I have placed over certain things in my life and which I felt I had in common with the people around me. It then became clear that there was at least one thing I could do right now to pay it forward. Family is my first and foremost priority in my life as, I'm sure, it is to others. Even though my children are grown, they are still so very important to me and I believe that others' children are just as important to them. So, my paying forward is a gift to the children- our greatest gift and our first and foremost priority. I've decided to create coloring pages that I will place on my blog, from time to time, for you to print and share with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. It's just a simple act of kindness from me to you but I hope you and your children will enjoy them.

And here's the first one!

And one other thing... I would LOVE for you to send this page back to me, after it's been colored! I'll then choose some to post back up on my blog. Kids will get a kick out of that! Won't they just love seeing their works of art on the computer screen?! Fun, fun, fun!!!

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