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Saturday, June 9, 2012


During one of my classes this last semester, we were required, for a period of time, to work on caricatures in our sketchbook. We were to use celebrities so that our teacher would know what the person we were drawing was supposed to look like. This made it easier for him to compare our caricatures to the actual person. This project was great fun but sometimes difficult. As an artist, I had to decide what to exaggerate. Sometimes, I didn't know which direction to go. Sometimes, I had no idea what to focus on because some people are just, well, simply put,... plain (to put it bluntly) with no distinct features at all. It was interesting for me to come to the conclusion that these "plain" people are actually the most difficult to caricaturize. It seems easier for me to focus on a person's big nose or squinty eyes or big teeth rather than to be faced with someone with ordinary features.

So, get this! For our final caricature project, our teacher just had to assign the class to draw Ryan Seacrest! Can you get any plainer than him? Wow! Talking about difficult! Our teacher didn't think any of our drawings looked like him. He thought mine looked like Vanilla Ice! What?! Oh well. I guess I have some more practicing to do.

Below are some of my sketches from my sketchbook. Can you tell who they are? As I mentioned before, they are all celebrities.

And here's my final drawing of Ryan Seacrest. I finished it off by inking it and then throwing a watercolor wash over it. The finished product is actually quite large so I haven't been able to get it scanned as of yet. Sorry, but my little scanner just won't do the job. So for now, you'll have to settle for the pencil sketch.

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  1. I got them all right!!! Not because I am so smart but.....because they are amazing! You have sooooo much talent!!!!