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SAVING AND PRINTING DIRECTIONS: (This is how I would go about this on my IMac. It may be a little different on your computer, but I hope this at least helps some.)

1. On your computer, create a file, title it Coloring Pages, and save it on your desktop or somewhere convenient.
2. On my blog, click on a coloring page to enlarge and isolate it.
3. Right click on the image and choose "SAVE IMAGE AS"
4. Rename the page, if you would like, or just keep it as it is.
5. Choose to save it to the file on your computer which you had previously created.
6. Click "SAVE"
7. Now the coloring page is saved on your computer and in your file. Open your file and then click on the coloring page you would like to print to open it as well.
8. Go to the top of your monitor, scroll down under "FILE" to "PRINT". I've created my coloring pages so that they can each be printed at 100%. No need to reduce the size. They fit perfectly on an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper.
9. You may need to rotate the paper from portrait to landscape depending on the page you are printing. Click "PRINT"
10. You should now have a coloring page to enjoy with your children. Have FUN!!!

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